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How The Rich Are Winning The Class War

August 1, 2011

The rich won the class war by depriving the middle and lower classes of education: history, civics, political education, and training in how to think critically. As a result, their mouthpieces can spout nonsense and the relatively uneducated voters now swallow it clean.

The antidote, until we get a real education system back again, is for those of use whose eyes are open to educate those around us who cannot see what is going on.

We need to develop simple, factually accurate materials we can hand out to people (or point them to on the web); simple, factually accurate arguments that show the folly of voting tax breaks for the rich etc etc rather than services and benefits for the average family; and so forth.

All that’s required for the rich to win the class war is for the middle and lower classes to do nothing.


America Appreciates Diversity

October 22, 2010

No matter how many times the Forces of Darkness assert that America is a Center-Right country, it isn’t.

Here’s just some of the evidence:

Public Opinion Snapshot: The Public’s Lack of Enthusiasm for Cutting Government
The public is dissatisfied with government performance, but that dissatisfaction doesn’t translate into government-cutting mania
Public Opinion Snapshot: Where’s the Anger on Health Care Reform?
The public isn’t rising up in opposition to the new health care law as conservatives expected
Public Opinion Snapshot: How Conservative Are Americans Becoming About Government?
Conservatives may say the country is taking a right turn, but polls show that government dissatisfaction does not reflect ideological conversion
Public Opinion Snapshot: Tax Cuts for the Middle Class Are Good; Tax Cuts for the Rich Are Bad
The public sends a strong message to Congress in a new poll about the tax cut debate
Public Opinion Snapshot: Who’s to Blame?
The public hasn’t forgotten who’s the most responsible for our economic ills

The list goes on and on. Poll after poll shows that we Americans want the help of our government to have a better life, we welcome people from other cultures, we accept others’ religious practices and beliefs, we recognize that cutting taxes is not the answer to every problem, and we respect fair play and honesty.

No matter how fervently the Forces of Darkness wish us to change our beliefs, we know the difference between right and wrong.

Ignorance is not knowledge. War is not peace. Hatred is not love. This is not a restrictive, authoritarian, fear-based, angry nation. We respect each other and ourselves, we welcome diversity, and we support each other in our quest for equal rights, equal opportunity, and equal freedom to live as we see fit without undue interference from narrow selfish interests.

In the timeless words of Captain Renault, in the classic film “Casablanca”: “We cannot legislate the feelings of our people.”

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