Is it Smart or Stupid to Leave Your Comfort Zone?

Many people are out there flogging the “conventional wisdom” about the value of “getting out of your comfort zone.”

At first blush, this kind of advice almost seems smart.

But whether it is smart, or not, really depends on you, your work, and your position on the trajectory of your life and your work.

If you’re failing, or too afraid to accomplish your best work, then yes, it might be valuable to get out of your comfort zone.

But if you’re successful, working hard on projects that are important to you, and “in a groove” that provides solid expression for your innermost values, ideas, dreams, and hopes, then getting out of the “comfort zone” you’re in would probably result in a net loss for yourself, and for humanity.

Once you know what you’re doing, and doing it well, and it’s something good that needs doing, then there’s no reason to “get out of your comfort zone,” any more than there’s a reason to leave a relationship that’s working and a reason to retire when you’re still productive and happy.

Like all advice, “get out of your comfort zone” is a simple-minded trope that makes sense only in certain contexts, and makes no sense in other contexts.

Fortunately, most people who know what they are doing and are doing it well, and are doing something good, are tuned-in enough to recognize poor advice when they hear it, even if it’s dressed up in conventional values that almost seem smart to those not looking deep enough.


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