What I’d Like To Hear From A Congressional Candidate


I understand I would be a “rookie” in Congress. I understand I would be an idealist. I even understand that Congress operates in complex and arcane ways according to convoluted and often contradictory rules. If I were to go to Congress as a conventional “politician,” I’d obviously and almost necessarily be starting from a position of weakness and naivete.

But if you send me to Washington as your Representative, I won’t go as a conventional politican. I have never been a conventional person, and I won’t change my approach or my methods just because they’re not yet commonly accepted in Congress.

I have achieved whatever small success I can point to in this world on the basis of my personal strengths, which include intelligence, heartfelt understanding of the human condition, insight into other people’s drives and lives, clarity of purpose, and an ability to find ways to apply moral principles to achieve practical solutlions. I believe — and I urge you to believe with me — that Congress, and Congresspeople, are as susceptible to these tools and techniques as everyone else I’ve encountered in our great nation.

As your Congressional Representative, I will use my strengths to get to know the other Congressional Representatives, not just on the surface, but at their deepest levels of motivation, values, perceptions, and possibilities. They live and work in a corrupt system, to be sure, but most of them remain decent, honest, patriotic Americans who love our country and want to see it improve in years to come.

That’s where I will reach out to them.

I will use my strengths to make contact with each Congress person’s inner values, inner principles, and inner agenda. I will use my intelligence and experience in accomplishing difficult real-world tasks to help them find practical applications of these values and principles that can successfully address what has gone wrong with our American political, economic, and social systems. I will use my powers of perrsuasion to help them see that there are ways to make our country better, and to help ordinary people lead happier, more fulfilling, more successful lives.

I understand that politics is about compromise, and about achieving what is possible in a complex and difficult, rapidly changing world. And that’s exactly where and how my strengths and abilities will allow me to help other Congress people find common cause with each other, to build on what is great about America, and to open the door to new possibilities.

It is because I understand people so thoroughly, and recognize what drives them to behave as they do, that I can direct my talents toward generating new and greater support among “conventional” politicians for the changes we need to begin repairing what is broken and to set our great country on a better, truer course toward the exciting and positive destiny we were founded to fulfill.


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