Obama has the economy he deserves

Pundits are everywhere making the point that Obama is being criticized for poor communications, for not accomplishing all that much, and for relatively low popularity mostly because the economy is making voters unhappy. If the economy were in better shape, goes the argument, Obama would be much more popular and would be receiving praise for doing such a good job as President.

True. But the economy would be in better shape today if Obama had taken a “kick ass” attitude toward running things and, for example, pushed through a larger stimulus and insisted on longer and larger unemployment benefits instead of capping them at 99 weeks or less.

In short, Obama’s presidency is unappreciated because the economy is in bad shape, but the economy is in bad shape at least partly because Obama didn’t exercise his powers and his Bully Pulpit in support of programs that would have helped the economy grow stronger.

Obama has the economy he deserves.


2 Responses to “Obama has the economy he deserves”

  1. Adam Clist Wynant Says:

    You are correct

  2. Joe Smith Says:

    Thanks, Adam. Are you, like me, still waiting and hoping for him to become the President he promised us during his campaign?

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