Cosmic Jokes

I’m stunned at the number and eye-popping nature of the Cosmic Jokes that abound on this planet. I can’t possibly go over all of them in this little post, but I hope to alert you to some of them, and possibly trigger an avalanche of connections which will eventually reach someone who can tell me what these Cosmic Jokes mean, or at least why they exist:

Blackwater and others — Those who do good are often hard pressed for resources. Those who do bad are often rolling in wealth. Why is it that the more you smuggle arms to terrorists, hire out to do contract murders, and practice wanton and rapacious violence on innocent people, the more money you seem to earn?

Pollution and environmental degradation — we live on a beautiful planet, which as soon as we could we immediately began to trash with waste materials, exhaust gases, toxic dumping, over-fishing, clearcutting of old-growth forests, wildlife habitat destruction, widespread defoliation and poisonings, genetic modification, and more. Why doesn’t the dominant species on this planet — which evolved here and is dependent on this planet for air, water, and food — recognize, respect, and preserve the natural mechanisms and processes that keep us alive?

Short-term vs. long-term perspective — there’s a myth or a story about Native Americans, and others, whose leaders would supposedly consider the impact of their decisions all the way out to seven future generations. Why is that kind of decision-making perspective so rare, while decision-making perspectives based on immediate gratification and short-term benefits regardless of long-terms costs are so much more widespread?

I know the long trajectory of history is upwards, toward more equal rights and equal opportunities, toward more protection for those who need it, toward more enlightened policies, greater health, and improved quality of life for larger numbers of people. But why are these struggles so difficult? And why are so many people working against progress rather than for it?


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