“Prince of Swine” and All Its Brethren Better Be Good!

Mark Toma is the writer, director and producer of “Prince of Swine” (claimed to be a winner at The Indie Fest) and calls himself a feminist. His controversial and outspoken views on new feminism in relation to male and female relationships have resulted in a movie that pokes fun at the idea that men and women are the same or equal.
He says “we put feminism on trial in this movie and our verdict is, it’s become a huge joke. It’s us bending over backwards to defend your right to be gold diggers.”
Generalizing even further, he says: “…feminists have failed. You’re the worst of both worlds. You haven’t done anything important for the world and you don’t know how to make men happy.”
This better be a good movie. Because if it’s a bad movie, it’s just another wrong-headed rant against the worthwhile progress of women toward more humanistic, livable, fair-minded attitudes and positions in society. Yes, many great women fought and sacrificed to break themselves and their “sisters” free of the old stereotypes that throttled their personalities and opportunities. And yes, many of the young women who benefitted from those fights and sacrifices now choose to occupy the exact same stereotypical roles as women of earlier generations, and even to glorify those roles. But that’s the thing with freedom: It doesn’t necessarily change what you do, as much as it changes how you feel about what you do.
So polemics which seek to reduce the newly-won opportunities and freedom of women by telling them they really don’t have much choice and shouldn’t even consider anything out of the mainstream are — by definition — retrograde and harmful.
The only thing that can justify the existence of such polemics is their value as works of art — a funny joke, or a good movie. Which is why this better be good, because if it isn’t, it’s terrible.
If anyone has seen the movie and would like to post a comment about it, I’d love to read it.

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