Women – Stop Listening To The Negativity!

A University of Chicago study has found that girls may be learning math anxiety from female teachers who have qualms about their own math skills. Sian L. Beilock, an associate professor in psychology, and her colleagues studied students of both sexes in the classes of 17 different teachers, most of whom were women, and found that the female students of the female teachers who thought they were not good at math were more likely to agree by the end of the year that boys were better at it. Those girls also scored worse on math tests.”
What is it with you women? If you hear that you’re bad at math, you become bad at math. If you hear that your breasts are too small, you bend heaven and earth to get larger breasts (or a thinner waist, or longer legs, or whatever). If the house burns down or the car won’t start, you automatically think to blame yourself, even when you did nothing wrong.

We men may be stupider, and too busy swilling beer and watching sports to keep up with your more agile minds and better communications skills. But we don’t blame ourselves for every little imperfection in life.

In fact, we don’t blame ourselves even when a woman can make a good case that we actually did cause the problem.

To sum up: If only you could hear better and run faster, I wouldn’t have to wait so long for you to bring me another cold one!


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